The Importance of Education Analysis

Published: 2021-09-27 20:20:03
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The importance of education has become apparent to many families across the globe. Entering a University has become progressively easier over the past decades. Even though the entrances have become easier, it doesn't mean that actually graduating college is any easier. Education is the essential part of every minor's life, if they aren't subject to a good education or they are but they fail to take advantage, they will most likely end up on the "losing end" of the race to make money once they graduate from either college or high school. As a whole, getting into a college and graduating provides the student with a "fast pass" in life.
For example, if someone were to drop out of high school, they would most likely never get the spot that requires a college degree because they have to know what they are doing in order to actually complete the job. The college graduate on the other hand, could easily take the position of any person that has not completed college or especially high school. But thanks to the opportunity provided to the children in the United States, they have a chance at getting into college as long as they don't have bad grades or are students who often misbehave and acquire a large array of referrals.
Children that do not behave and/or have bad grades have a much lower chance of actually getting into college, let alone actually graduating from it. Education is most likely the most important aspect of a child's life, whether they know it or not. An education not only provides students with the tools they need to survive a normal day in the life of a normal working adult, but it provides them with the knowledge to solve problems some have never seen and/or heard of. Even one of our founding fathers clearly understood the importance of an education.

George Washington knew that an education was important, especially to a democracy because they need people to understand the issues, discuss them, and be able to solve them. Without an educated population, there could easily be criminals who could oversee the non-educated and use their knowledge to loop around laws and commit crimes easily considered some of the worst by today's standards. Due to this, it is clear that an education isn't only important to the individual and their lifetime income, but it is also very important to major departments of society and law.
As a whole, Education gives us knowledge of the world around us. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life as well as helping us build opinions and POV's in our lives. Education helps us develop a world that could function and what is right and what is wrong. Considering the fact that in today's society everything is about business, the students who have studied the most and have the most desirable degrees become necessities to the companies recruiting them. No matter how important it may seem to someone, it is most likely the most important aspect of their life.

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