System Analysis and Design

Published: 2021-09-27 07:50:03
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The computer shop business nowadays is in demand in all part of our country, because of the modernization of our society. Everytime you need to use computer, there always be a computer shop to serve you. They give convenience to the people. Many people have no personal computer at their home. That’s why they go to the computer shop.Calvelo-Oliveros-Leviste Internet Café or known as C.O.L.I.C. was established on June 13, 2006 at Brgy. Buensuceso, Sitio Salvacion Gumaca, Quezon. Ms. Roselle Leviste is the owner of the said business, while Ms. Shara Calvelo and Ms. Erlina Oliveros are the co-owners. They’re all graduated as Computer Programmer at Aceba Systems Technology Institute Incorporated (ASTI), Gumaca Branch. At first, they only had 1 branch with 50 units.
There are lot students who need the internet services for their homework, but don’t have any computer shop in their barangay. So, the three Entrepreneur established their own business to help those students. As of now, the COLIC company is already 7 years with 4 branches and have 100 units each.
Statement of the Problems

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These are the major problems of Calvelo-Oliveros-Leviste Internet Café (COLIC) :

MANUAL COMPUTATION. Because of manual computation, the employees didn’t notice that the time of customers were already exceeded. And sometimes, the computation is not completely tally.
TIME CONSUMING. Because of the manual operation, it takes a lot of time to tally all the profits of the said company. The In-and-Out of money especially for maintenance must be recorded.
KEEPING TRACK OF SALES INVENTORIES. Because of the manual computation of sales, some of the documents or important files misplaced by the employee. Sometimes, they forgot to tally all the sales of the company.

Objectives of the Study
These are the solution for the major problems of Calvelo-Oliveros-Leviste Internet Café (COLIC):

To create a system that the computation will be computerized, so the employees will be able to compute the tally completely.
To propose a system that all the transaction regarding the tally of the profits and the in-and-out of money for the maintenance should be recorded in a system.
To propose a system that all of those important documents especially the sales of the company will be save in the database. Therefore, it’s easily to track all the sales of the company daily, monthly, and also yearly.

Significance of the Study
The Calvelo-Oliveros-Leviste Internet Cafe is the major beneficiaries of the system, because the transaction will access immediately and will saves a lot of time.
The Owners should receive a benefits from the system, because they can easily check if the sales of the company are deficit or in high-income.
The Employees are a beneficiaries of the system too, because they can make their work fast and easy. And also, they can quickly pass the generate of the reports to the owner.

The Customers will also receive benefits from the system, because they can check their time and details effortlessly. And if they ask a receipt, it will be given to them immediately.We, the researchers, are the one of the beneficiaries of the system, because
Scope and Limitations
The Point-of-sale system can gather, store and return detailed reports on inventory trends and customer information. Additionally, this systems more easily integrate with numerous sales and ordering systems, including mail or online ordering systems used in conjunction with in-person sales.

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