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Published: 2021-09-28 01:30:04
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We are extremely thankful to my respected Sir. Fahad Hassan for his great teaching during the whole semester. He is a well-versed man, an excellent teacher, and research oriented person. I learnt a lot from his behavior towards the project. I express my thanks to The Head of Department of Management Sciences (CIIT Lahore), because of his selfless and tireless efforts providing me all the facilities we needed throughout the study. We also pray for my parent who is supporting me in all means during my study period.
Proposal for the HR Project Problem Statement The purpose of this proposal is to outline the need for a project that analyzes the selection process of marketing manager in an organization. In response to the Mr.
Fahad Hassan to analyze selection process of marketing manager, this project will seek to answer the following questions: What are the Job Description and Job Specification Marketing Manager? What are the steps and sources required in the job advertisement? What are the steps and sources required in the selection test? What are the steps and sources required in the selection interview? What are the steps in designing a job offer letter along with employment contract? Introduction/Background About Haier Group [pic] Founded in 1984 and based in China, the Haier Group is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of world-class home appliances.

Starting out as the Qingdao Refrigerator Factory with 800 employees and only one product line, Haier has grown to become a globally recognized name brand… the 6th largest in the world and the number one domestic electrical appliance producer in China. The continual development of its markets both at home and abroad has resulted in exports to 160 countries and regions. The Company’s achievements are a result of the spirit of excellence and devotion that pervades throughout the organization. Haier employees work together to benefit the society and improve the quality of life and to create innovative products that are an excellent value for money. About Haier Pakistan [pic]Haier Pakistan is the Pakistan Sales & Marketing division of the international Haier Group, a globally recognized manufacturer of world-class electrical home appliances.
The joint venture between Ruba General Trading Company and Haier Group of China has brought Haier to Pakistan with an initial investment of about US$35 million and a commitment to provide world-class innovative products based on uncompromising quality to the Pakistani consumer. The plant spreads over a vast area of 63 acres with a covered area of 0. 6 million square feet including a workers’ colony on Raiwind Road, Lahore. The project is expected to produce 0. 9 million pieces of household appliances per year with plans to export to the Middle East and all over Asia. In the first year of its operations, Haier will generate employment opportunities to 600 individuals with potential to grow up to 1200 within the next 5 years. Furthermore, Haier will supplement income of 1000 to 1500 families providing indirect earning and employment possibilities.
The roster of products to be launched immediately in Pakistan includes Refrigerators, Air-Conditioners (Window & Split), Deep Freezers and Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens and Small Appliances with Dishwashers, Vacuum Cleaners, Television Sets and Mobile Phones to follow shortly. Haier Pakistan has entered the local market with a commitment to help its consumers reap the benefits of modern lifestyle and to provide them world-class innovative products, unmatched nationwide customer support, a vast dealer network and a steadfast after- sales-service throughout the country. Haier’s goal is to become a global recognizable brand. Project Goals and Objectives
Our project's objectives and goals are to identify the selection process of the marketing manager. What are the prerequisites of the job selection, skill requirements, experience etc? What thing that should be considers who will involve in the job selection process. The Objectives of this project are listed below 1. Job Analysis of Marketing Manager 2. Designing of Job Advertisement 3. Designing and Conducting the Selection Test 1. Designing and Conducting the Selection Interview 2. designing Job Offer Letter along with Employment Contract Project Plan: Tasks, Methods, Timelines Tasks that will be performed as part of this project starts with the submission of project proposal.
After the submission of proposal, we will gather data and information involve in the job analysis, and then we will advertise the job and will receive CV's from the students till May 21, 2007. After receiving the CV's we look at them analyze them and then call the right candidate “that is according to our requirements. ” Then we will design the selection test as well as the selection interview. There will be two selection tests for the candidates. After that we will call the candidates who perform well in the tests and conduct the interview. After the interview we will select the candidate that is best fit to our requirements and we will send “Job Offer Letter “along with the employment contract.
The methods for performing these tasks will be based on our visit to Haier Pakistan. Data gathering will be through interview of marketing manager of Haier Pakistan. We also perform the observational research that is we observe how selection process held in an organization. Project Outcomes and Timeline The result of this project will be an analytical report that discusses the selection process of the marketing manager of a multinational organization. In addition, the report will suggest practical strategies for designing and conducting the selection tests and selection interviews.
We believe that this project will fill an existing gap in the student’s knowledge about the selection process of a candidate in multinational organizations. A gap, that undermines our student’s ability to effectively serve their knowledge and skills to the organization for the betterment of the future. We are eager to undertake the project and look forward to hearing any comments and suggestions that you have.
Major duties and responsibilities are listed below. Other duties may be assigned as business needs require: Effectively manage in-store Co-Op advertising budget to ensure all goals are consistently being met. Occasionally create and implement new marketing vehicles to maximize Co-Op revenue. Produce bi-annual Marketing Planner for Co-Op program. Work closely with Merchandise Department to fill in-store marketing vehicle space and develop special/exclusive offers/products. Work with Visual Merchandise and Store Operations to create programs to improve overall store compliance with marketing programs.
Develop in-store promotional themes and events around major title and product launches. Approve brand usages in advertising initiatives created by vendors. Manage the use of GameStop and EB Games trademarks. Test strategic advertising campaigns utilizing radio and other mediums. Manage outside agencies to ensure efficient use of resources. Develop and execute effective customer loyalty programs. Work with Merchandise Department and outside agency to develop and execute newspaper advertisements. Manage brand identity and consumer research data (NPD, Syndics, etc). Recommend changes to strategies based on results and findings.
Analyze and report the success/effectiveness of targeted advertising campaigns, special events/promotions (FSI, radio, national initiatives, etc. ). 15. Assist with special projects as needed.
QUALIFICATIONS: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed are representative of the knowledge, skills, education and/or ability required for this position.
Outclass presentation, communication, negotiation skills. 17. Should be a team leader. 18. Ability to thrive in a fluid, demanding, and fast growth culture. Organizational as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must. Accurate typing and data entry skills. .
Recognize discrepancies in written/recorded data/information. Communicate effectively with management, coworkers and store staff. Experience in negotiating value added opportunities. Organize, prioritize and control job responsibilities. Work under deadline pressure and meet the deadlines. Able to work with minimal supervision and be a self-starter. Proficient with operating a personal computer and use of MS Excel/Word/Outlook/Access and other required programs. Must be able to organize and control job responsibilities, particularly the accuracy and productivity related to paper flow.
Require MBA in Marketing from recognized institute. Must have at least five years of marketing experience in the retail industry. Must have two to three years of management experience. We are equal opportunity employment.
Your employment will at all times be subject to the General Regulations and Conditions of Employment of Company Staff as amended from time to time by the Governing Body, A copy of these regulations is enclosed with this letter and a further copy, together with such amendments as may from time to time be made to it, will be available for inspection in the office of the Head of your Department and you are entitled to inspect this on giving reasonable notice. Date of appointment Your appointment dates from July 1, 2007. Department The department to which you are primarily assigned is the Marketing Department. The Head of this Department to whom you are responsible is the Mr.
Fasih Ullah Khan Suri, Vice President (Marketing). Duties and hours of work Business Development, Client Management, Manage strategic advertising programs with agencies and merchandise vendors, Analyzes results and takes action to maximize Co-Op revenue programs. Duties hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Wages/salaries Your wages/salary will be 25,000 per month payable to you by transfer. Whilst the Company may offer other benefits from time to time they do not form part of your contract of employment. Holidays You are entitled to holidays as set out in the General Regulations a. During holidays you are entitled to your normal basic rate of pay. 8. Sick Pay
The conditions under which you may be entitled to payment during sickness are set out in the General Regulations. Notice to terminate employment The conditions under which your appointment may be terminated either by the Company or by you are set in the General Regulations. The minimum period of notice for your position is as shown in paragraph 7 of the General Regulations and Conditions of Employment. Period of employment There is no period of employment with a previous employer that counts as part of your continuous period of employment with the Company. Grievance procedure If you have a grievance, complaint or problem in relation to your employment, you should first approach the Head of your Department.
If your grievance is not settled satisfactorily at that stage then you should follow the procedure set out in the General Regulations (paragraph 13). The information given in this letter and in the documents to which it refers, particularly the General Regulations and Conditions of Employment of Company Staff, and the particulars of the Staff Pension Scheme, is supplied to you in compliance with the provisions of laws currently in force, would you therefore kindly sign the enclosed form and return it to me as acknowledgement of your agreement to these terms of employment.

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