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Published: 2021-09-26 20:40:02
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In this case, there is an ethical dilemma in that I am visiting my friends place as a friend and not as an officer. Therefore, my friends would not want me to act on anything that I notice strange as an officer. On the other hand, whatever is happening is illegal and I just cannot let it go. As Fuller, (1975) says, one needs to act out of principles and leaving these people doing drugs is not at all a sign of a principled person.
Since doing drugs such as cocaine is illegal, the law requires that an officer who notices such an activity take immediate action such as arresting the victim or the person in the possession of the drugs. The criterion that would guide me in this case is assessing the effect of what these people are doing, to themselves and to the large majority. It is illegal to do such drugs and therefore if I stop them, I will have done more good than harm. I would therefore consider the effect of stopping these people from doing drugs being greater that losing friendship.
The first thing that I would do is to look for my friend and try to find out whether he is aware of the people who are doing drugs at the party. However, his outcome would not change my mind. If he says that, he is aware of these people doing drugs, I would tell him that this is illegal and leaving them as an officer is unethical on my part. If he does not know, I would inform him of some people who are doing drugs within his compound. I would then try to convince him that whether he knows this on not, the fact is that the act is illegal and wrong and that I would go ahead and arrest these people.

I would try to convince him the effects and the dangers that these friends who are doing drugs are exposing to all the other people in the party. I would then go ahead and make arrests of these people. Scenario 2 What I do at the community policing office is out of my free will and the passion to serve the community. I therefore do not expect that someone out there should bring me any type of gift as a sign of appreciation. I believe in honest and a world that is free of corruption.
In this case, the ethical dilemma presented is the fact that the person who visits me comes after I have done something for him. Even though the timing is good, the intentions of the gift are not good and therefore I would not feel right accepting it. The reason is that I would consider such a gift a bribe as he presents it behind the counter and only after I had served him. (Fuller, 1975) In this case, I would try to explain to him that I do not feel comfortable accepting the gift and much less behind the counter.
I would try to explain to him that I served him not as a favor but because it is the right thing to do and I enjoy doing it. There is therefore no need for him to show that gesture as a sign of appreciation. I would try to reject the gift and at the same time not make him to see as if he was bribing me. If he insists, I would advise him to address the gift to the organization through the counter and assure him that I will surely get it. In this case, the gift will be an appreciation to the organization and the entire organization staff members will take the fruits.
Scenario 3 There is an ethical dilemma in this case in that, there are some people who still do not appreciate homosexuality and therefore they cannot accept it. This means that such an officer may not give the best to the force as he is working under conditions that he does not appreciate. On the other hand, the law prohibits any form of discrimination and if I agree to Officer Davis wish and assign him to another officer, I would look as if am acting out of discrimination.
I believe that we should not discriminate any person on basis of skin color, sexual orientation or any other basis. Just because Officer Davis does not like Officer Jones’ private life does not mean that they cannot work together. (Fuller, 1975) The first thing that I would do is to try to get the reason why Officer Davis wants to another officer assigned to him. I would try to get the real reason whether it is because Officer Jones is makings some unwelcomed sexual advances to office Davis or whether it is just because Officer Jones is a homosexual.
If there happen to be no cases of sexual advancement, then I would not assign Officer Davis to another officer. I would explain to him that we should try to be professional in our duties and we should not interfere with other people’s private life. Officer Jones’ sexual orientation is private and it does not interfere with his professional duties. There is no reason to feel inferior or inappropriate working with him not unless he is making some sexual advances to Officer Davis, which Officer Davis does not like.

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