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Rohigya are Muslim ethnic group in northern Rakhine state located in western Burma now known as Myanmar and Rohingya minority in Burma also. Violence and oppression of the Rohingya population in Myanmar has shocked the world with a massive killer Rohingya in Myanmar. The issue of ethnic cleansing is the main cause of violence and repression carried out on ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar.
In 1982, the Muslim Rohingya suddenly declared as foreigners in their own country.  They suppress by law "Burma Citizenship Law of 1982" that discriminate against Rohingya ethnic and religious nature of their citizenship is not recognized. The need for citizenship in Myanmar is not specified for the Rohingya. Rohingya people as a minority community in Myanmar caused them to be considered "illegal Bengalis" and hated by the majority of people in Burma.  For a pro-democracy group, they consider the Rohingya is a liar and the group intended to kill all the Rohingya in Myanmar. This is because they are laughing at black people from the Indian subcontinent. Violence and oppression of Myanmar Rohingya cause by disputes and discrimination between both Islam and Buddhism. ? Muslim Rohingya supported by Buddhist monks, but they do not accept immigrants.
They give harsh treatment to women and children who ousted Rohingya people outside the temple and not given food and drink.  Children were denied the right to education and Muslim women are not allowed to veil, and one of them is to prevent discrimination and rape. Muslims are not allowed to perform the pilgrimage and perform the sacrificial slaughter at al-Adha. These conditions restrict them to live as independently Muslims. In addition, the right medicine at the hospital and clinic denies Muslim Rohingya where they charged treatment is too expensive.

Violence and repression carried out on ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar have a great impact on all ethnic Rohingya as human rights violations. Incident of extortion against Rohingya Muslims, accused of human rights because they impose arbitrary taxes such as land seizures, forced evictions, destruction of houses and finances marriage restrictions. It is also used as forced labor for the construction of roads and military camps. Abused forced labor by the Myanmar military regime continues to commit death sentence, torture and rape brutal action.
Part of the Rohingya forced to work without pay for infrastructure projects in Myanmar economy. Another effect of extortion against the Muslim Rohingya, all ethnic people living in this suffering in their own country. Some 100,000 Rohingya people killed by the regime Myanmar brutal action.

The destruction of the mosque taken out and replaced with Buddhist pagoda
Weddings and any union movement restricted and exercised only in Burma military agreement.
Arrest, torture and rape of women.
Compulsion to renounce Islam and forced to convert to Buddhism. Not allowed to possess any firearms or knives.
Not allowed to own any means of communication such as mobile phones. Will be arrested and jailed for seven years if it is.

Results from disputes involving Rohingya persecution in Myanmar, half a million Rohingya Muslims who survived the brutal acts Myanmar regime had become refugees housed in refugee camps in Bangladesh, Thailand, and Pakistan. In addition, dozens of Rohingya refugees in the refugee camps located in Kutupalong and persuade Bazaar in Bangladesh live in very poor conditions for Bangladesh authorities do not provide any assistance to them.
Rohingya refugees living in difficulty as not to have any financial resources, accommodation, food and clothing. Violence and repression carried out on ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar has violated the human rights of ethnic Rohingya. Many innocent human lives Rohingya have died from violence and persecution of Rohingya without any help from many quarters, including the Association of the United Nations (UN). The world community will need to provide a rational public debate on the future to help and defend the fate of ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar on human rights policy.

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