Raisin SWOT Analysis

Published: 2021-09-29 22:30:04
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Low cost operations

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Fewer management level, effective, focused and aggressive management
Simple proven business model that consistently delivers that lowest fares
Penetrate and stimulate to potential markets
Multi-skilled staffs means efficient and incentive workforce
Single type fleet minimize maintenance fee and easy for pilot dispatch


Long haul flight is an trial to get undeveloped market share
Differentiation from traditional LLC model by adding customer services or operation as full service airline tit low fare
Ongoing industry consolidation has opened up prospects for new routes and airport deals
High fuel prices will squeeze out unprofitable competitors


Service resource is limited by lower costs
Limited human resources could not handle irregular situation
Government interference and regulation on airport deals and passenger compensation
Non- central location of secondary airports
Brand is vital for market position and developing it is always a challenge
Heavy reliance on outsourcing
New entrants to provide the price-sensitive services


Full service airlines start cut costs to compete Entrance of other Laces
High fuel price decreases yield Accident, terrorist attack, and disaster and affect customer confidence
Aviation regulation and government policy
Increase in operation cost in producing value-added services
System disruption due to heavily reliance on online sales

Current Situation
Raisin was once again named the 'World's Best Low Cost Airline' ; 'Sais's Best Low Cost Airline' at the 2014 World Airline Awards held in London in July, making it the sixth consecutive win for Raisin. Raisin Launches Free User Trial of On Board Wife. Raisin X Inks Deal to Buy 50 Airbus Planes. Japan's E-commerce Giant Reawaken to Tie-Up with Raisin.
Raisin X Unveils New Aircraft Livery : Welcoming the 21st Airbus AWAY-300 SOOT Analysis By Nondiscriminatory cost courier in town, offering the best value-for-money express courier and parcel delivery service; wholly developed by Raisin, providing customers up to 50% savings in costs compared to existing courier services. Raisin to re-enter Japan's low cost carrier market. Raisin offers to fly you abroad for RSI 2600 from India.

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