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Published: 2021-09-29 13:45:03
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Ethics refers to the adherence to practices and processes, which are morally acceptable.  Ethical issues are what shape public opinion about an organization. In addition, a code of ethics serves as the benchmark for decision-making.
In nursing and healthcare, the issue of culture is more pronounced than anywhere else. In deed, it is in the understanding of the need for a more diversified an ready to serve call that led the University of phoenix to develop a code of conduct for students which guides the nursing students and indeed a the whole university community into understanding how best to deal with the issues of professional relations .
The fact that nurses are required to serve many people from various ethnic, religious, racial and cultural backgrounds who come forth to hospitals and healthcare centres in search of health solutions means that, the conduct of nurses must be guided by a common concept which in this case is the code of ethics.

Due to these cultural disparities, patients often fail to receive quality services because of practices that are lacking in cultural competence. As a result, the American Association of Nursing has in place a code of ethics which aims at offering guidelines for nurses in the course of service. A code of ethics for nurses and indeed for nursing students is aimed at making sure that, nurses offer service with competence and in an efficient manner in a cross-cultural setting thus enhancing the system’s or institution’s capacity to function in effective ways.
The American nursing code of ethics emphasizes on integrity, honesty, care giving, and accountability. Under the provisions in the American code of ethics, nurses are required to strictly act in accordance with the guidelines so as to ensure a smooth running of health care provision in the United States of America.
The code of ethics for both nurses and students at the University of Phoenix is aimed at ensuring that, in their professional growth, professional attain qualities which influences the individual’s values, perceptions, beliefs and opinions in corresponding to the professional standards expected of nursing professionals.
The US is comprised of the most culturally diverse population.  A big percentage of the world’s ethnic, religious and cultural groups are represented in this population.  This has created a most unique opportunity as well as challenge to many professionals including nursing professionals.  Nurses are presented with patients with very diverse cultural backgrounds.
Culture influences how different people will respond to the different ways of health service delivery, interventions and treatment, as a result, the code of ethics is designed to streamline the actions of the nurses in regard best practice. In deed the American nursing code of ethics is designed to guide the nursing professionals into the future. In more the same way as a business strategy, the code of conduct imparts discipline and control in the nursing profession thus making sure that, the profession is ready to face future challenges.
Because of the demographic situation in America service providers are under pressure to provide more culturally correct services.  The nursing profession cannot be left behind and therefore the need to comply with the changing needs is overwhelming.  One ethnical principle that guides nurses in their endeavour to provide culturally appropriate care is the appreciating that everyone regardless of their cultural persuasion is entitled to receive quality health care.
Cultural differences can influence the caregiver’s prejudices and bias towards a patient.  In a similar way a patient can misconstrue the caregiver’s actions and words.  This can serve to lower the quality of care given to this particular patient.  Professional ethics require that there be no form of discrimination in the provision of health care but in a situation where there is prejudice on either party, then the quality of care is compromised.
Nurses are usually supposed to care for the general well being of a patient, they ought to be able to understand and empathize with the patient inorder to cater for their physical and emotional needs.  On an individual level, a nurse has a responsibility to learn the practices that are in accordance to cultural competence.
In the year 2010 more than 45% of all patients in the US will come from minority cultures.  This is due to immigration that is the greatest contributor to the cultural diversity.  The health sector has realized the reality of these facts and medical practitioners are now given incentives to encourage them to take up learning on cultural diversity.
The above reasons amongst others are worthy considering in regard to how nur4ses in this country are governed. To achieve the health goals, the American nursing association must constantly address the issues at hand and specifically consider reinforcing high values. This is what the American code of conduct seeks to achieve as well as the University of Phoenix Student Code of conduct and the American code of conduct.

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