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Published: 2021-09-28 00:15:03
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When I look at my car all I can think about is the future for it and how glorious it will look when I am finished. I drive a carbon steel grey 2013 Volkswagen GET and I love it. Currently I only have a couple of modifications done to it but I have a list of plans for the future, for when I get the money. On my list of modifications, current and future, I can divide the modifications into three main categories; engine power, cosmetic appearance, and handling.
Some of the modifications may be in for than one category but all of the modifications lead to my car looking, sounding, and feeling tremendous. Engine power was the first thing I started to work on when I first got my car. First I went too tuning shop and had Leo, the owner of the shop, install an PAR stage 1 refresh which took the car from pH to about pH. That modification really woke the car up making it a little faster and a lot more fun to drive.
The next power modification I did was a cat-back exhaust which claimed to give the car 15 ore horse power but I did not feel any difference. The cat-back exhaust only made the car louder and gave the car a more aggressive look from the back. After the cat- back exhaust I installed an air intake which make the car more fuel efficient, gave it about 5 extra horsepower, and allowed the car to have an awesome blow off sound. The final power modification I have done so far was putting on a three inch downside and a stages refresh which took the car from about pH to about pH.

My power edification I hope to get in the future are an intake manifold, larger fuel injectors, Audit re coil packs, a key turbo kit from PAR, and a larger intercooler. For cosmetic appearance I have not done too many things yet but the things I have done made the car look much better and gave it a little bit of my own personal style. The first thing I did for appearance was changing my head light and for light to HID light, this made the car look much more aggressive and gave me better visibility in the night.
The next wing I did was tint the windows, I made them very dark in the back I believe it was a 5% tint. After that I painted my grill strips teal and added four teal stickers around the car. Two stickers are on the rear window and the other two are on my rear side windows. For cosmetic appearance that is all I have been able to do so far but I do plan to eventually get new headlights, new taillights, larger wheels, and the lower the car on coil oversee. Handling is the category where I have done very little to affect it.
I eave only done two things to affect handling and those two things are lowering springs and new tires. The lowering spring affect handling because they lower the car center of gravity making the car not lean so much in the corners. The tires help handling by allowing the car to get more traction so it does not slide around as much and because the car have more traction it can take corners at a faster speed. I plan to eventually get coil oversee, stronger sway bars, and new wheels. All of those items will help the car handle much better.
Looking at my car now makes me think of all the hard work I have put into it and how I look forward to doing a lot more work on it. Out of engine performance, cosmetic appearance, and handling I have done the most work on engine performance and the least work on improving handling. I hope in the next coming year I can save up enough money to do all of modifications I would like to do on my car and when I am finally finished my car will look, sound, and feel amazing. But, as every car person knows, a project car is never finished.

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