The Health Danger of Energy Drinks

Published: 2021-09-26 16:00:02
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Energy drinks are a kind of refreshments that are advertised as soft drinks that boost energy. The truth is these kinds of drinks are full of many harmful ingredients, such as sugar, stimulants, and other herbal supplements. Energy drinks are targeting high school and college students who may use this kind of drink to keep them awake for a midterm, or even give them a hallucination feeling any other alcoholic beverages will do. Many studies showed the disadvantageous of these drinks, yet this industry has wildfire between underage kids who used it to show their rebellious side through a safe and cheap way.
A new study shows that 34% of youth between the ages of eighteen years old and twenty- four years old consume energy drinks regularly (Casiano, 2011), this large number of consumption should raise the question whether the united state should ban selling Energy drinks to underage kids, and treat it like alcoholic beverages? Youth are having a hard time keeping up with all of the school activities, volunteering, schoolwork, and maybe jobs; those people usually relay and learn bad habits that will effect their health in many years to come.
Energy drinks can cause many health problems such as overdose, toxication, heart problems, blood pressure, liver problems, and teeth decaying. Joelving (2011)explains how a recent study in New Zealand’s show that the excessive amount of caffeine that is found in energy drinks can cause fast heart rate, insomnia, and anxiety; the study also shows that “just one energy drink is enough to make most kids experience some side effect, including mild ones like irritability or upset stomach.

And there are other ingredients with effects of their own, such as the amino acid taurine, the herbal extracts yohimbine, guarana and ginseng, and often loads of sugar. ” There are many types of energy drinks that are accessed easily in markets and gas stations. One of the most common types is Red Bull, in the website of this energy drink it is written that it will increase concentration and reaction speed, and improve vigilance and emotional status.
These manufactures will grab young people attention who are in need to increase and improve their concentration, reaction speed, and emotional state; but they fail to acknowledge the side effect of their products, such as being very tired after several hours of “sugar rush”. An over dosage of Red Bull cause a twenty-eight years old man to have a heart attack (Richards), this incidents is one of many that prove to us that this dangerous products should be banned from super markets and other easily ccessed places for younger generation. Many Young adults choose to be rebellious to prove their social status; many young adults are mixing energy drinks with alcohol. Mixing a depressor like alcohol with a stimulant like caffeine cause the human body to forget the effect of alcohol, and make the youth drink more alcohol to feel the buzz feeling; leading them to consume more alcohol than their usual body limit.
In 2010, nine college students were hospitalized after drinking alcoholic energy drink called four loko (Hogan, 2010). Four loko can be found in any gas station for about three dollars,it is commonly called “ blackout in a can” , it can raise your alcoholic blood level to . 3; the legal limit for blood alcohol level is . 08. One can of four loko contain as much alcohol as a six pack of beer laced with several shots of espresso.
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