General Motors Corp vs. Ford Corp

Published: 2021-09-28 00:05:03
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Ford Corp. General motors (MM) and Ford are two of the leading manufacturing companies of trucks that I know of. In saying, both have their strengths and differences in areas such as quality of parts, driver comfort, fuel economy, and engine selection. When these companies put together their trucks, it is taken into great detail for these two companies to make their product better than their competitor. GM designs more detail and reliable trucks than ford can produce.
For instance, Ford only offers three engine options that they will put in their trucks. They have a 4. 2 Liter IV, a 4. 6 Liter Triton IV, and their biggest engine in light duty trucks is the 5. 4 Liter Triton IV. Although these engines produce decent horsepower and torque, GM has six engine options with higher ratings. The first three engine selections GM has are the 4. 3 Liter IV, 4. 8 Liter IV, and 5. 3 Liter. They also have two other selections offered are the 5. 3 Liter IV and their biggest engine in light duty trucks the Vortex 6. 0 Liter IV.
Both engines offer the best technology known as the active fuel management system, which shuts off four of the eight cylinders when power is not needed. Last but not least, GM also has a 6. 2 Liter IV which is limited to certain trucks or packages. Not many trucks get very good fuel mileage. Ford is one manufacturer that offers fuel efficient motors, but their bigger engines tend to drink a little too much gas. For example, their smallest engine gets 16 MPEG in the city and 21 MPEG on the highway. Their largest engine in a light duty truck gets 14 MPEG in the city and 18 MPEG on the highway.

On the other hand, GSM' smallest engine averages 17 MPEG in the city and 1 MPEG on the highway, and with a much bigger engine and higher power output than the Ford 5. 4 liter, averages 15 MPEG in the city and 19 MPEG on the highway. Trucks are not the easiest vehicles to drive or operate, which is why driver comfort is a need to a great truck. Ford and GM offer a number of conveniences to consumers' and making the drivers experience more enjoyable and relaxing. Some options offered by Ford are back up sensors, side mirrors with turn lights inside, heated seats, adjustable pedals, and controls on the steering wheel.
GM offers their consumers heated side mirrors with turn signals inside the mirror and an auto dim eater, and park assisting with LED lights which allow you to see, as well as hear how close the rear of the vehicle is to any object. GM also offers dual memory and heated seats, adjustable pedals, rain sense wipers which turn on automatically, remote start, a cargo management system which allows consumers to attach toolboxes and equipment to rails installed of in the bed, and On Star turn by turn navigation, two different dashboards, side impact air bags, and the standard stability system.
No one wants to hear the noise of the road or the vehicle. This is why both Ford and GM have used higher quality materials with sound deadening treatment in their newer model trucks. This helps eliminate road and wind noise as well as the possibility of future squeaking or rattling. Creating more gaps within the design of the truck will also eliminate such sounds. The more interior accessories available on a truck the more people are interested in the trucks. Climate controls which allow both to have different temperatures, adjustable pedals, heated windshield dashboards, side impact air bags, and the standard stability system.
In reference to all of the great options that both companies provide, I have and will always be a reheard GM believer. I have credibility to talk about both being as how I have been a mechanic on both for several years. In the facts provided GM provides so much more in driver comfort which alone should be enough to convince a person in choosing GM. In conclusion, both GM and Ford manufacture great trucks. Giving consumers a number of options of available perpetration and interior options make the two different. The key to having the best truck isn't to offer Just a number of available options but, to offer them all with reliability trucks.

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