Dubai Residents Nowadays Spend Too Much on Shopping

Published: 2021-09-27 11:30:03
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Yes it is agreed as it is a young modern city transformed from a desert, hence has taken the best of the cities to make it the best . As a result the bench mark of lifestyle is high for e. g. : cars, designer labels are imported as Dubai doesn’t manufactures it, therefore consumer has to pay if he wants. These luxuries are a necessity be it as a means of travel etc.
However the city is new and has many multicultural populations hence results in various demands. There are various reasons for shopping in Dubai such as brand addiction, status symbol etc, another reason is that the activities are limited and visits to shopping malls results in shopping. Growing trends of shopping noticed in dubai in last few years in resident of dubai. Every person who lives in dubai now are more into the shopping phobia.
Above statement is stated on use of following attributies : 1. Financially Stable Country 2. Highest Salary Graph 3. Brand Abundance 4. Geographical Location 5. Fashion In The Air 6. Unlimited Advertisement. 1) Dubai is nowadays people around the world are seen seeking interest in setting up their business entities in Middle East and mostly Dubai . Furthermore according to H. H Shk Muhammad Bin Al Rashid Al Makhtoum (Vice president and ruler of Dubai ) stated that in previous two years people are having more confident to invest their money in Dubai as it has been financially stable during the recession whch took place in 2008 , the evidence to it is that however there was recession in the country but it did not effect the ambition and addiction of residents on shopping , it was seen that shopping malls were seen crowded every season , which makes one say that Dubai is Financially Stable Country . )

The Second reason of why Dubai Residents spend too much money on shopping is that the salary graph is noticed to be increasing day by day which is cause of getting addicted to shopping , it can also be referred as excess of money , however because of this increasing salary residents are addicted to buy branded product to maintain their status in society. Studies have established that UAE has the regions highest individual spenders, with each of its 8. 2 million people spending an average amount of $21,577 (Dhs 79,522) per annum . (Arab Monetory Fund 2010). The world highest apparel sales per capital is at $785 (Dhs 2,865) .
At kearney’s Global Retail ) . Furthermore most of the Housewives in Dubai spend their time in kitty parties and other social activities , and for these activities they spend a bunch money on brands , beauty saloon , spa , designer label clothes etc . However these are afforded only because there is increase in salary which eventually increase the addiction to shopping. Hence the salary graph plays an important role in shopping addiction among the residents of Dubai . 3) Brand Abundance is said to be one of the major cause of over expenditures on shopping attitude in Dubai residents.
As the financial stability hits the region of Dubai every major brand outlet is easy to find in Dubai , due to number of malls and various brands stores. This makes Dubai resident more brand conscious and as a result overexposure to labels , brands and novelties are found in Dubai. Which maintains the habit of shopping among Dubai Residents. This also makes a reson for every brand to target Dubai as the consumption is seen more in this part of Middle East. Such is the case with Bloomingdales , Parada , Nichols and many other brands . ) Geographical Location is Excessive shopping happened in dubai is because of geographical location. The geographical location of the city also favors excessive shopping. Dubai has a hot and moist type of weather. For that cause, people are ambitious to the big air-conditioned shopping malls. There, they are over depiction to the advertisement and charisma of the major brands and that makes them shop more. Brands here are merely profit-oriented, and do not run environmental campaigns in the park or on the beach, but in the mall. Also, as it was previously talk about Dubai is a shopping hub due to the city’s geographical location.
People from China, Saudi Arabia and Europe visit Dubai on a holiday or simply on a shopping extravaganza from corner to the malls. It seems that this propensity for shopping is reflecting on Dubai residents as well. Whenever you go out, and that means most of the time to the shopping mall, you see beaming tourists carrying a multitude of glossy shopping bags. 5) Fashion in the Air A number of power events like Dubai World Cup horse racing or the Oil Barron’s Ball, and never-ending product launches require attendants to dress to the occasions where often they are judged on their outfits by the rest of the crowd.
As a result, people have become highly fashion conscious and this is another reason why are Dubai residents addicted to shopping. 6) Unlimited Advertisement is advertising during the past few years become repressive, obtrusive and time-consuming for most of the people who live in Dubai. Since the moment you awake and turn the radio on, you get attacked with offers and promotions. When you drive around Dubai, you see advertisement everywhere and in all forms, from billboards to TV screens. Public transport is one of the major source the brands are using for their advertisements.
Such as; * Nowadays, the movies in the Reel Cinema start 25 minutes later, because the cinema makes huge chunk of profit by showing its public a rich variety of advertisements. * This is understandable, but up to some extent! Five ads at the time are quite enough for most of the people, but in Dubai you get to see 35 or more various advertisements before the film starts. The inferior advertisement seller is the TV network. A TV show that is supposed to last 35 minutes, for example, consists of approximately 21 minutes advertisement and 14 minutes content.
In addition, the TV ads are literary stuffed by 20 or even 25 in blocks of approximately five minutes each. For example, during “The Entrepreneur” TV show of 35 minutes, you can watch 4 or 5 times the same advertisement for Coca-Cola. This is no longer even an effective advertisement, because it doesn’t inspire you to drink Coca-Cola, but boars you. In many countries around the world, TV advertisement is regulated by law. Industry experts say that in the United Kingdom, for every one hour of TV program viewers should see 9 minutes of advertisement.
In the United States, the norm is stretched to 17 minutes of ads for each hour of show or film. (London Hilton mall---- 2011 Peoples from dubai spends around 100 million pounds due to Olympics 2012 last year they are unable to get more business from the same gentry but currently they are expecting 150 million pounds business from these peoples in 2013. ) According to a survey Only one in five people, or 35 percent of UAE respondents, said luxury was “over and above what you need”, the Synovate survey of 8,000 people in 11 countries found.
This attitude comes from the large number of designer shops, high-end hotels and plush shopping malls in the emirates, said Per-Henrik Karlsson, Synovate’s business development director in Dubai. "This creates aspirational behaviour among expats, tourists and locals alike. It starts even before you arrive, as the Emirates Airlines pre-landing video about Dubai is all about shopping, luxury cars and hotels," “And once on the ground, it's everywhere: the main highway is full of billboards advertising luxury brands. Even eating out in Dubai is part of this lifestyle, with some luxury brands operating their own food and beverage outlets in malls. The Middle East mass luxury goods sector is set to grow 10 percent a year, Bahrain's Investcorp said earlier this year, boosted by the region’s young population and relative wealth. The survey found the UAE was also among the top locations for logo-branded goods, with 58 percent of residents saying they preferred to buy designer items. The other two countries were India, with 79 percent and Hong Kong with 68 percent. The country with the lowest percentage of people preferring logos was the UK with 46 percent. "Showing off logos is not seen as bad taste; whether it's old or new money doesn't matter nearly as much as simply having money!
In fact, another newly popular trend here is buying brands that sport oversize logos, like certain shirts - the more ostentatious, the better," Karlsson said. Another statistic to come out of the survey, published in December, was that 14 percent of people in the UAE most value the feeling “that I have something my friends and colleagues do not have”. Twenty three percent of UAE residents said they purchase luxury items "As soon as I decide I want it, I buy it" – the second highest figure behind India with 28 percent.
However, consumer confidence was reported to have slipped for the first time in the UAE since March, the latest quarterly survey by Bayt. com and YouGov Siraj found. (ByElsa Baxter , Tuesday, 12 January 2010 8:03 AM , business . com ) Thus it can be concluded stating that though the addiction of shopping is seen in Dubai residents but however it is increasing the economy of Dubai as there is more consumption and every one in Dubai is buying them whether it be a person of any classified category , the biggest reason which seen and heard it that to maintain the status in society .

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