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Published: 2021-09-24 18:10:02
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I believe this is one area Davit is very effective in conveying to its teammates. Davit's mission is "To be the Provider. Partner and Employer of Choice. " Everywhere I have visited within the Village I have seen this mission be the corner stone of what Davit is all about. The teammates really take pride in what they do. They understand that patient outcomes are very important yet management does not forget the importance of professional development, teammate Incentive programs and work environment, all related to being the Employer of Choice.
This information has been backed up by organizations like Training Magazine's "Top 125" which Davit ranked #1 for national health care service provider for its employee training programs. One thing that fits for me in is the statement in the book that states, "If an action we're are considering doesn't support our mission, either directly or indirectly, we don't do It. " This Is something I plan to live by and really make sure the decisions I make are the Davit way and they fit within our mission and core values.
The book states that Santa runs a productive ND he Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus, is written by Eric Harvey, David Cottrell, AY Lucia and Mike Harridan. There are eight main points or Santa Secrets Running head: The Leadership Secrets 3 happy place in spite of the intense pressures and challenges they face. This is exactly the work environment we face within Davit. The environment on the floor Is Intense and the pressure to meet our goals in enormous yet I have fun doing it.

I enjoy trying to figure out new ways to improve what we do which leads me to the next secret. Another secret the book discusses is "Listen to the Elves. " In this chapter the author discusses the importance of inviting participation from the team. The author also encourages the reader to notice how others perceive them and to spend some time walking In their teammates shoes. This Is one area where I think I can really be an effective leader within Davit. 1 OFF started working as a technical on ten moor Ana 010 so Tort auto one Ana anal years before advancing to an FAA.
Even though I have only been with Davit a short amount f time it has allowed me to understand what a technician or nurse goes through working on the floor. I by no means have all the answers and still consider myself a new tech but it has given me a foundation to grow on. I have seen managers outside of Davit and within Davit implement change without first discussing the change with the entire team and I believe that is what this section is all about. Getting you team involved in the decision making process.
I think a great example how this process works is when other staff members get involved in all aspects of patient care. For example when our Anemia Manager, asks the clinicians what might have caused a patients Homoerotic to drop; or when our FAA asks us how we want to adjust our patient schedule and then Running head: The Leadership Secrets 4 chips in during turnover to make the day a little easier; and when our nurses ask the Techs how their day is going and willingly lend a hand with patient care. These are Just some of the examples of how we listen to each other as a team.
Conclusion This is a very good book and in the interest of peeping this paper short I will conclude here. I believe these concepts discussed in the book are a great start not Just for the management aspect of business but for our personal lives as well. This book is like no other leadership book I have read and really puts an interesting twist to leadership which makes the book fun to read. It will make for a great reference to look back on. Thank you! Running head: The Leadership Secrets 5 References Cottrell David. (2003). The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus. Performance Systems Corporation.

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