Counselors as Companions and Ethics in Human Services

Published: 2021-09-27 10:15:04
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The article from tragedy to triumph was very interesting to read. I believe that the counselor gained a lot of knowledge about himself and his counseling technique during the time that he had Steve as a client. I think the counselor was trying to come up with a solution to Steve’s problems and make his journey easier and less painful. I believe that the moral to the story is that sometimes people need to go through the tough times to discover new things about themselves and get to a comfortable place in life. By taking the longer, rougher road, Steve learned more about himself, his limitations and his strengths.
This allowed for even bigger better possibilities in Steve’s life. The counselor can’t be responsible for Steve’s personal journey and guide him down the easier path. The counselor should only be along for the ride with Steve and allow Steve to experience the difficult moments. Steve had to come to the realization that he had to choose a different path and create different goals. I think that the counselor will now change the way he tries to “fix” a client’s problems, and instead allow him to experience and overcome some of the rougher more challenging things in their life.
I believe that there are people that we come into contact with that teach us life lessons and change us and the way we think and do things. As we meet extraordinary people, we learn from them and in many instances strive to be like them, or maybe even not like them. Just like an infant, we are always seeing new things and meeting new people who influence us in many different ways. As a result of the relationship that Steve had with his counselor, he has learned that sometimes the goals we set for ourselves may be unattainable.

However, just because a goal needs to be modified a little, it doesn’t make it any less spectacular and important. Steve has learned that life is unpredictable and as things change, the goals he sets might need to change too. The relationship was beneficial for both Steve and the counselor, because they both learned new things and grew as people and professionals. According to "National Organization of Human Services" (n. d. ), “Statement 36 Human service professionals foster self-awareness and personal growth in themselves.
They recognize that when professionals are aware of their own values, attitudes, cultural background, and personal needs, the process of helping others is less likely to be negatively impacted by those factors. ” Steve’s counselor started to realize that his own personal needs and thoughts were impacting the treatment process. This would be a reason to review the ethical standards and evaluate how to get back on track. It is important to follow ethical standards to protect the client’s rights, dignity, and also promote their welfare. A code of ethics also establishes a standard for all human service workers to follow.


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