Can a Person Really Make Up for Past Mistakes?

Published: 2021-09-28 20:30:04
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CAN A PERSON REALLY MAKE UP FOR PAST MISTAKES? No one can erase the past. When a mistake is made, whether it be huge or small ,it can damage us for life or make us stronger. Mistakes can be positive by learning from them and passing on advice to others. It is the way we learn. Starting as an infant. When an infant starts to walk he falls then he learns not to walk too fast and to put one foot beside the other. This is the way coordination is developed by mistakes. As a child matures he learns physical hurt.
When the stove is on and he touches it when he gets burnt Most children will not intentionally touch a hot stove. When trying to do something for the first time very few will do it perfect. I do not know of any cases but I am sure it has happened. People can be sorry for their mistakes. Some may excel other areas in order to compensate for past mistakes. This can be a way to suppress the guilt. The sub-conscience is telling the body to keep busy because the pain felt from the mistake is too hard to think about.
If people keep doing the same mistakes over and over again on purpose it defeats the whole aspect of mistakes being a positive experience. It can resulting a habit that may be accepted as a part of life. Some mistakes are harder to learn from the others. Most mistakes, if recognized and thought about are solvable. Mistakes and sin are not the same. A sin is much worse than a mistake although they are both wrong and everyone does both. A sin has to do with spirituality and can only be forgiven by God.

A sin can be anywhere from an intentional wrong to pure wickedness. A mistake is a misconception of actions or a misinterpretation of words. Humans can forgive mistakes. Mistakes can be turned into sins by rationalization and convincing oneself that they are right. Actions done to each other in order to psychologically and physically damage someone are sadistic and are definitely sins and need God's forgiveness. Mistakes can be deadly but not sinful. A car can blow a tire and hit someone and kill them that is an accident not a sin.
Taking a gun an shooting an innocent person in order to kill or maim them is sinful. As humans our purpose is to point out others transgressions and try to help them become better people. We are not her to judge people and condemn each other for their mistakes and sins. That is only a false concept to our ego to allow our minds to think we are better people. Actually the only way to become a better person is have compassion and forgiveness for others because we all make mistakes and we are all sinners.

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