Business Trip to Ukraine

Published: 2021-09-25 02:00:02
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Welcome everyone to today's presentation on the Ukraine. Now I know some of you have already been there and may feel that this presentation Is a waste of your time but let me assure you that it is always good to refresh the memory. For those of you who have not made the long distance travel to the Ukraine I say get ready to learn and take notes on the most important five minutes of the day. Today you will be briefed on some of the most important areas of your trip such as, what to pack for a successful trip, the Ukrainian family unit and their roles, and of course how to survive ark In a foreign country.
Before we begin, allow me to tell you a little bit about the strange place Into which you will be traveling. For those of you who have not looked at a map recently here it is. In the Ukraine Russian was their main language but after WI it was replaced with Ukrainian. In 2010 Youngling-Coleman from Countrywoman. Com stated that there are five languages you should be aware of: "Ukrainian, Russian, Romania, Polish, and Hungarian". In the West, Ukrainian Is the everyday language, but In the east Russian Is still spoken.
There are three major ethnic groups Ukrainian, Russian, ND Jewish. Obviously there are also different religions, most are Christians but there are a few who are Jewish. Please be respectful of your surroundings. Now we have covered our basics let us talk about what to pack for the trip. As an American you should know that you will most likely be targeted for robbery, but please do not let this discourage you from going to the Ukraine, like in the States not all Ukrainians are thieves. Your money should be In small bills no bigger than ass.

You will spend about an average of $200 a week not Including hotel rooms. As an American Ukrainians will expect a lot from you and the way one dresses himself says a lot of the person. While in the hotel room casual clothing is appropriate but if you get invited to go to the town you better dress up, because that is what Ukrainians do. Men will be expected to wear ties and women to wear dresses. Depending on how long you are staying pack at least one suit and plenty of blouses or dress shirts for men and something dressier for the evenings.
According to Hodges In her 1996 book titled Heliotrope Language and Travel Gulled to Ukraine, she states, "Plan... To mix and attach. Don't include any article of clothing that can't be worn with at least two other pieces. " (pig 25). This is a great piece of advice when considering what to pack for your trip. Other clothing items you may want to include would be raincoat, umbrella, and shoes you would not mind getting wet. Women consider taking low heels for walking In gravel and for comfort and of course feminine products.
Men something else to consider taking would be some knit shirts and casual slacks also for comfort. Take everything you will need because buying small bottles of soap, shampoo, and intentioned may not be as easy as it is in the States. Remember you are being sent to the Ukraine in the fall which is great considering that spring and fall are the most pleasant seasons. Make sure to plan ahead; do not wait till the last minute to pack, pack all the Items you will need and remember to represent the company well.
Now let us talk about the Ukrainian family. A Ukrainian family Is a traditional close together on a regular basis Just because they enjoy each other's company. The immediate family usually consists of less than two children but there is not a limit. Ukrainians have a saying about the way that they regard children, "Seen but not heard". Unlike American children, Ukrainian children are not spoiled, they are expected to blend or disappear into the background when there is an adult present in order for the adults to socialize.
Ukrainian children know at a very young age the meaning of responsibility and they are expected to help out as much as possible. They are taught to share everything which will eventually be beneficial to the older generations of the child. In their adulthood they may live at home with three or four elder generations; which allows for someone to be at home to watch the kids and grandparents. Men and women may take turns doing the shopping but they too are expected to carry out their role in the family unit.
Like most cultures women care for the children, the house, and the cooking while the men do the heavier and maintenance Jobs. However with the younger generation rising and providing for their families the divide between gender roles is somewhat lost. Women are more independent and educated, and they do not see themselves as secondary citizens but rather demand equality. Though it has taken some time to get men to see women s equals, women tend to stay at home and allow the men to do the work but they are more independent now than ever before.
Many Ukrainians may Joke about working but keep in mind that they are known for being "among the most industrious and diligent people of Europe" states Hodges in her 1996 book Hippodrome Language and Travel Guide to Ukraine (pig. 125). Remember that capitalism is new to the people of Ukraine and they are used to their government being at the center of everything. Correspondence states in her 2008 Newsletter The Business Environment in Ukraine: Before and After 2008 that "In edition to Ukrainian long-standing problems... Many companies faced a fairly unusual problem... Shortage of labor. " Due to this problem companies are being forced to hire people that do not have the education and skills necessary for the Job. Also do not to take the attitude of Ukrainian business men personal. They are fearful that you, as a foreigner, will try to take advantage of their labor and resources. Be mindful of their history and be prepared to risk capital and to have a long-term relationship with the Ukrainians. Be careful who you do business with; don't get involved with political bureaucrats for they Just want part of the profit.
Our insiders are familiar with the bureaucracy maze, and they will help you accomplish your goal. Do not underestimate a Ukrainian business man. They can sense an opportunity and are excellent traders. While establishing a business deal with a Ukrainian be prepared to toast a lot to a successful partnership, and as a reminder at this time you should be in your appropriate evening attire. Now that you know what to pack, how the Ukrainian family functions and how to survive work in a faraway land you may travel with piece of mind.

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