Belonging: Birmingham Royal Ballet and Billy Elliot

Published: 2021-09-27 07:25:02
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An individual had chance to choose to belong to community/ place/ culture which can helps a person gain an idea of belonging or not belonging to themselves because belonging is a part of our life. “Immigrant Chronicle” of Peter Skzynecki, Billy Elliot of Stephen Daldry and the Lottery by Shirley Jackson are 3 properly evidence shows an idea of belong within an individual feeling to connect to community or place or culture. The acceptance and understanding of big father can make a strong relationship within no bad mood reason such as Billy Elliot.
The full shot of Billy’s Father try to push Billy back to the Health Check Room in the Royal Ballet School while he had changed his mind and want to come home emphasises Billy’s Father realised that Billy need to prove his talent in the good situation like Royal Ballet School. Furthermore, a sense of belonging can emerge from experiences through the family because the family is a perfect situation which helps an individual identifies themself in love, in relationship.
Moreover, the poem called Feliks Skzynecki in the collection of poem called Immigrant Chronicle by Peter Skzynecki is convey the idea of family – specific the relationship between father and son. The poem opens with the uses of first person singular - “My Gentle Father” suggests ownership and recognition of a familiar bond, the persona belong to his father. The use of word “Gentle” establishes Feliks as a calm and mild man and also demonstrate the relationship between the persona and his father is completely strong.

Therefore, family is the first place which teaches you about the understanding and acceptance to identify the sense of belonging in your life. An individual can fit in a group and can feel the sense of belonging while they can notions their identity, relationships connection in that group. This can be seen in the story called “The Lottery” telling the audience about the story of a small village where all the people come to do the traditional draw every year and from there, the relationship between people, neighbour, family are made.
It is shown by the descriptive language of the paragraph – “The children assembled first, of course. School was … … … their older brothers or sisters. ” can properly emphasise that the connection between student, children, and peoples. In addition, the sense of belonging can discover if an individual can find out and gain the happiness with their notions of identity, relationships. This statement is further emphasised in the movie called “Billy Elliot”. Billy – a main character had hoose Ballet to identify his dream in the future, Ballet’s community group is where he can identify his identity. It is shows by the costume of his boxing gear – the white singlet can allow him to connect to Ballet’s class easier because the dancing girls are also dressed white. So, a sense of belonging can be finding out when an individual notice their identity, relationships, acceptance and understanding in a group. However, sometimes the understanding and acceptance are occurs but the sense of belonging is still silent.
This can be finds in the “The Lottery”, the traditional is force to separate the family by doing the unfair and weird gaming festival. The dialogue of “It isn’t fair, It isn’t right” and the descriptive action after the dialogue which is a stone hit her on the side of the head depict the barrier’s wall between people with the tradition’s gaming which you have to take your life into the dangerous mood. No acceptance, no relationships, no understanding, there will be no sense of belonging. Immigrant Chronicles” – the book of poems which Peter Skzynecki convey the idea of barrier of belonging. Specially, “Migrant Hostel” highlights the barrier of belonging. Sustained imagery of bird projects the perspective of feeling uncertain about the future and reflects the transitionary stage of the composer’s life. So, while the acceptance and understanding are occur, there is also have a barrier of belonging from an individual. In conclusion, a sense of belonging can emerge from experiences and notions of identity, relationships, acceptance and understanding.

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