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Welcome to Dutalys - a company dedicated to developing advanced antibody-based drugs for the treatment of serious and life-threatening diseases. For most diseases, you need to use, but to get rid of the causes of symptoms, you can use psychotherapeutic techniques, read clinical child psychologypsychology articles.

Monoclonal antibodies have become some of the most important active ingredients in new drugs developed by the pharmaceutical industry, because they can be endowed with very useful natural properties and excellent specificity for their intended targets, thereby achieving good efficacy and a high level of safety for the patient.

What sets apart the novel antibody molecules developed by our team is a design that makes them uniquely suitable for the treatment of disease mechanisms and therapeutic targets, which are too complex for successful treatment with other more conventional antibodies. The antibodies are developed as part of our proprietary drug pipeline, or custom-made to order for pharmaceutical and biotech companies for utilisation as tailor-made active ingredients in their new drug candidates.

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