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DutaMab™ platform technology

Dutalys was founded on the conviction that it may be possible to create a bispecific antibody technology without the previous limitations, by combining the three essential criteria that would constitute a truly successful bispecific platform: (i) high affinity against all classes of targets, (ii) good stability, and (iii) good manufacturing properties, using any of the established and proven production systems.

Following ground-breaking research into antibody folding and CDR design, we have developed the proprietary DutaMab™ platform technology, thereby creating a novel class of fully human bispecific antibodies that succeed in retaining all the advantages of state-of-the-art monospecific antibody drugs:

  1. DutaMabs™ comprise two independent, non-overlapping paratopes within the natural CDR regions of a fully human antibody, which can be independently selected and optimised in a robust and rapid manner to bind any two targets or epitopes with high affinity and specificity.
  2. DutaMabs™ are based on fully human VH-VL scaffolds of unprecedented biophysical stability, and the selected bispecific antibodies have best-in-class thermal stability of >90°C for the Fab fragment, excellent chemical stability as well as excellent in vivo stability.
  3. Crucially, DutaMabs™ comprise only one normal fully human heavy chain polypeptide and one normal fully human light chain polypeptide, and are efficiently produced with excellent expression levels using any of today’s proven antibody manufacturing platforms.

DutaMabs™ are therefore totally free of the problems frequently associated with the presence of appended domains, linkers, engineered constant domains, additional disulphide bonds, three polypeptides, four polypeptides or unnatural scaffold sequences within a bispecific drug molecule. DutaMabs™ can be readily produced as tetravalent, bispecific IgGs of any isotype or equally well as bivalent, bispecific Fab fragments. Since 2011 we have been applying the DutaMab™ technology to a range of therapeutic targets, and are developing an exciting proprietary pipeline. We are also in an excellent position to partner with pharmaceutical companies, and it is our goal to become the globally recognised leader in providing bispecific antibody technology.